Topic outline

  •  User Tours Introduction

    The User tours functionality allows administrators to create user tours of Moodle, which are visual and positional step by step guides. Tours can be created for a wide range of purposes: to guide new users around the interface, to introduce new features, highlight important information, and more.

    At Titus we have created a number of User Tours to cover different areas, but with a focus on either navigation or adding activities/resources to courses. If you'd like any of these adding and are unsure of how to do this, please let us know.

    Once a user tour has been created and enabled, the first time that any user views a page which matches that user tour’s page (path) settings, the user tour will automatically start to display, starting with the first step. Each tour step will display its title and content, along with three button options:

        • Prev - to return to the previous step in the tour
        • Next - to go to the next step in the tour
        • End Tour - to exit out of the tour completely

    Any time a user wishes to re-run the page's tour, they can click on the "Reset user tour on this page" link at the bottom of the page.