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  • Badges

    Badges are a good way of celebrating achievement and showing progress. Badges may be awarded based on a variety of chosen criteria including participation or upon receiving a certain grade in an activity. Badges created in Moodle may be displayed on a user's profile or on the Badges block.

    There are two categories of badges:

    • Site badges - available to users site-wide and related to the site wide activities, like finishing a set of courses.
    • Course badges - available to users enrolled in the course and related to the activities that happen inside the course.


    Third party plugins
    There are a number of great supporting third party plugins that can help you get even more out of badges. Click the purple text below to be taken to the Moodle plugin page.

    • Recent Badges - This block displays recently awarded course and site badges from all users.
    • Badge Enrolment - With this enrolment plugin users can only enrol into a course when they have one or more required site badges.
    • Badge Pool - With this plugin you can create badge templates which can be used to simplify creating badges in all courses of your moodle system. These templates can be organised in categories and exported to a XML file to share them with others.
    • Badge Ladder - This plugin provides two leaderboards for awarded badges. The first leaderboard shows the available badges sorted by the number of users owning this badge. The second one shows all users sorted by the number of badges owned by them.