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Sending Auto Welcome Emails

How to setup and send welcome emails to newly created user accounts

Site: Titus Community
Course: Moodle for Admins
Book: Sending Auto Welcome Emails
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Date: Monday, 24 June 2019, 5:32 PM

1. Sending the Welcome Email

There are a number of ways in which users can be created on a Moodle platform. You may also want these new users to receive an automatic welcome email upon account creation. This can be done through core Moodle.

1.1. Adding a new individual user

The first method to achieve this is through creating an individual account manually and by ticking the “Generate password and notify user” checkbox. This of course means that the email address entered further on in this section must be correct.

If you are uploading users via a CSV file using the “Upload Users” functionality, you must first prepare your CSV file of users and upload this to the platform using this method.

1.2. Uploading multiple users via CSV/Upload Users

After navigating to Site Administration -> Users -> Upload Users and selecting your CSV of user accounts, you will be taken to the preview screen.

Here you are able to select the option “Create password if needed and send via email” under the “New user password” heading.

Once you’ve progressed through the additional options for the user accounts and are happy with the preview of new accounts, these accounts will be created on your platform.

As you can see in the screenshot, the password is set to “Generated in cron”. This means that the platform has created a password and emailed it to that user in question.

It is worth noting that this cron to send out passwords for new accounts can be forced under scheduled tasks but it should occur automatically.

By default the email will look similar to the following screenshot.

2. Welcome Emails are Not Sending

If your emails are not sending, there may be logs under Site Administration → Reports → Logs where an error message may be specified indicating a problem.

If mail has not been configured on the server there are two possible options. Configuration server side in PHP settings, or the preferred method of entering SMTP relay details.

SMTP Relay, which stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, lets you send email messages through your email account using your existing email service.

For example, you can continue to use Microsoft Outlook to compose, receive, and send email messages, but the actual email messages are processed through our SMTP relaying services.

This lets you bypass ISP restrictions on your outbound email messages, and allows you to use your professional looking "" email address from any service you wish.

3. Editing the Email Text

In order to change the text of the emails sent out to new users go to Site Administration -> Language -> Language customisation. From here select the language you wish to edit from the dropdown, then click the “Open language pack for editing” button.

From here you must select “moodle.php” from the list then in the string identifier field enter “newusernewpassword” and click “Show Strings”.

You will then be presented with the existing standard text for this welcome email. Copy and paste this into the Local customisation box to the right, then tweak as necessary. Clicking either of the save buttons at the bottom of this window will save your changes.