Understanding & Implementing Competencies

6. Creating a Learning Plan

6.1. Adding competencies to a Learning Plan

In order to begin adding competencies to learning plans simply click the name of a learning plan in the learning plan templates list. You will be shown any competencies already present in this learning plan and are able to move/order them on this page along with seeing how many competencies are linked to courses.

By clicking Add competencies to learning plan template you will be presented with an overlay where you can select a framework then search for/select which competencies you wish to add to this learning plan template.

You are able to expand each parent competency to reveal child competencies within. If for example you wish to add all competencies from a framework you are able to expand all of the parent competencies, select the first competency in the list then holding the select button you can then select the competency at the bottom of the list to select these and all the competencies in between. Alternatively if you want to select a number of competencies simply hold Ctrl (Apple:Command)on your keyboard and select your desired competencies.

Once you are happy with your selection, click the Add button to add the selected competencies to the learning plan template. You will be taken back to the list of competencies that have been added to this learning plan template.