Upload users via CSV

2. Uploading Users

2.6. Cohort membership assignment

You can also assign users to any already existing Cohort (a cohort is a site level group) by using only the "username" and the "Cohort ID" with just two fields in the file. Note that this is an exception to the usual case where the firstname, lastname and email address of the user are required.

  • cohort# - This is the format to use to add a user into a cohort. You are able to add users into multiple cohorts using a numerical suffix, e.g. cohort1, cohort2, etc.

Internal cohort id numbers or the non-numeric Cohort IDs of existing cohorts must be used (do not use the full name of the cohort.) (Note that cohort id is what is usually known elsewhere as the "shortname".)

Here is an example CSV file: