Understanding & Implementing Competencies

2. What is a Learning Plan?

2.1. Why use Learning Plans?

Another reason to use Learning Plans is the availability of third party plugins that can be utilised to display even more meaningful data at a higher level. An example screenshot can be found below.

In this example screenshot you can see the final rating for all learners that have been linked to this particular learning plan template. At a glance you can easily identify key learning objectives (competencies) with which users are struggling. As a tutor you can act accordingly, for example developing the teaching and learning resources for that area of study.

Meaningful data can still be presented and utilised from within a course without using learning plans. For example a competency framework can be linked to a course, then relevant activities in the course can be linked to specific competencies. These competencies can then be rated within the course by the appropriate tutors and this data (competencies and their provided ratings) can be viewed on a per learner basis.

It’s important to understand the differences between using competencies within a course and taking the extra step of using learning plans. You may wish to implement competencies and use a framework as a learning plan template. This means that your learning plans will be exactly the same as the competency framework (contain the same competencies) but you will have an extra level of reports at a site level, through the use of a third party plugin.