Understanding & Implementing Competencies

3. Understanding the Setup Process

Depending on your end goals there are slightly different approaches to take when setting up your competencies. The method outlined below on the left is assuming you want to implement competency frameworks & utilise learning plans alongside these. This allows for the course level competencies to provide useful information to tutors using the Competency Breakdown report and also at a site level for administrators to view advanced learning plan reports (both examples shown in previous sections).

I wish to implement competencies & learning plans

I wish to implement competencies

1. Creating a Scale

2. Creating a Competency Framework

3. Creating & linking a Learning Plan to users

4. *Creating a Competency Reviewer role to view awaiting reviews on the dashboard (optional)

5. Linking Competencies to a Course

6. Linking Course Competencies to Activities

1. Creating a Scale

2. Creating a Competency Framework

3. Linking Competencies to a Course

4. Linking Course Competencies to Activities

These steps above on the left are detailed in the following guide along with how to rate competencies and view the reports containing this information.

Note: Competencies reviewed using the learning plans block will not be reflected within a course when viewing the Competency Breakdown report.