Understanding & Implementing Competencies

4. Creating a Scale

A scale allows you to evaluate/rate a learners performance and can be simple or more complex depending on requirements. Within a scale you must mark the point at which a user is classed as proficient in that skill if that status is reached.

To create a scale visit Site Admin > Grades > Scales.

Within this menu you can view existing scales, edit or delete these or create new scales.

After clicking “Add a new scale” you can add a name for your scale as well as defining the constituent levels, separated by commas. For example in the screenshot below there are 3 levels.

  • Not on track
  • On track
  • Got it!

You are also able to provide a description to help you identify the purpose of the scale.

It is important to note that once a scale has been used you are unable to edit the scale itself. It’s therefore important to ensure the competencies and scales are correct to begin with.