Understanding & Implementing Competencies

5. Creating a Competency Framework

As previously mentioned, competencies describe the level of understanding or proficiency of a learner in certain subject related skills. A competency framework is an organised collection of competencies.

Before you create a competency framework you must first check that competencies have been enabled. Navigate to Site Admin > Competencies > Competency settings.

Ensure that “Enable competencies” is set to Yes and also that “Push course ratings to individual learning plans” is enabled.

Having this setting checked is important as it means when a competency is rated in a course it will also be set in a users individual learning plan.

To create a competency framework visit Site Admin > Competencies > Competency frameworks. There is an option to import a competency framework via a CSV file, however we recommend entering these manually into the platform.

When viewing frameworks you have the ability to create new frameworks or select a framework to import from a competency frameworks repository.

To create a new framework click the “Add new competency framework” button.

You can now enter key information about the framework such as the name, description, ID number and scale.

  • Name - The name of the framework that will be shown in the frameworks list.
  • Description - Some information about the contents of the framework and what the competencies/learning objectives are about.
  • ID number - A unique identifier for the framework. This can contain numbers, letters and symbols. The importance of ID’s will be covered in the following information when adding competencies to the framework.
  • Scale - Select the scale that will be used against this framework. After selecting an available scale from the dropdown list you will then need to click “Configure scales”.

This screen shows the different ratings available within the selected scale. Here you must mark one of these values as the default value of the scale against competencies within this framework. Then select at which point a user will be proficient at a competency. The goal for users in most cases is to reach a rating where they are classed as proficient in each competency. You could introduce additional ratings after this point to represent an extension of knowledge or even the ability to teach others this knowledge.

Please note that you must get this step in the creation process correct/as desired. Once this has been set and users have had competencies rated this setting cannot be changed!

  • Visible - This can be set to Yes or No. You may wish to set this to no whilst you built or update a framework so it is hidden from use.

Below this section is the ability for you to change the terminology used to describe the competencies in your framework at these different levels. The levels refer to where competencies sit within your competency framework tree. By default these are all set to competency but you have the option to change the language here if required.

When you are happy with your changes clicking the blue Save changes button will save and create your new empty framework, and take you back to the list of frameworks on your platform.