Understanding & Implementing Competencies

7. Creating a Competency Reviewer Role

By default competencies are reviewed by accessing a learning plan directly or alternatively from within a course where competencies are present. Later in this guide we will cover the “Send for review” feature which means when learners complete activities, any linked competencies can be sent for review.

This section is only relevant if you use cohorts within the platform.

Course tutors cannot by default review competencies when their learners request them, since competencies and learning plans exist outside of a course context, whereas the role of tutor is assigned in the course context. Administrators have the ability to use the learning plans block (often placed on the dashboard) to be alerted to when competencies require review. In order to allow tutors to be able to do this we must create a Competency Reviewer role and assign this to users at a system level. This is required for the learning plans block functionality because learning plans sit outside of a course context (at a site level). Please note: Competencies reviewed using the learning plans block will not be reflected within a course when viewing the competency breakdown report.

In order to do this you must first access Site admin > Users > Define roles.

You will be presented with a list of existing roles available on the platform. If you scroll to the bottom of this window you then can select the Add a new role button.

On the first screen you can leave the default settings and click on the blue Continue button. You will then be able to begin adding the short name, full name and description of this new role. You may wish to name & describe the role as per the following screenshot.

It is important to leave the Role archetype as None and for the Context types setting select User. You can tick System, but this will then mean the tutors assigned this role will see all competencies on the site. Normally a tutor would only review those in their course.

Scrolling further down this page will present you with the custom permissions area. Here you can manually search the list or use the text field to filter the results below so you can find certain roles. The key roles you need to set to Allow are as follows:

  • usercompetencyreview
  • usercompetencyview
  • competencygrade

Once you have found and modified the permissions for this role, click on Create this role at the bottom of the page.