Understanding & Implementing Competencies

7. Creating a Competency Reviewer Role

7.1. Assigning a Competency Reviewer role

Once you have created the Competency Reviewer role you must then assign this to the relevant individuals on the platform. Firstly, navigate to Site admin > Users > Permissions > Assign user roles to cohort.

In the following screen the section towards the bottom displays existing role assignments to cohorts. At the top of the screen you can assign your user-context role of Competency Reviewer.

Click the dropdown for Select users to assign role in order to manually search for users or begin typing in their name into the text field to filter your results. Selected users will appear just above the search box.

The Select role dropdown allows you to select any roles created with a user context. In this example select Competency Reviewer. You are then able to select one or more cohorts from the Select cohorts dropdown by searching through the list or by manually typing in a cohort name. You can select multiple cohorts if desired.

Once you are happy with your selection of users, role and cohorts click on the Assign button to save these changes.