Understanding & Implementing Competencies

7. Creating a Competency Reviewer Role

7.2. What can a Competency Reviewer see?

The purpose of the Competency Reviewer role is to allow tutors to view competencies on Learning Plans that are waiting for review on the Learning Plans block. Please note: Competencies reviewed using the Learning Plans block will not be reflected within a course when viewing the competency breakdown report.

By default the Moodle platform will have the Learning Plans block available on the user dashboard. This can easily be added by a site administrator and will look similar to the example below when competencies are waiting for review.

A maximum of 3 competencies will display by default. Click View more… to see a list of all competencies waiting for review. Upon clicking a competency name from this short list or alternatively from the full list, you will be taken through to the competency rating area. This will be explained in more detail later in this guide.

It is important to remember that competencies that are sent to this Learning plans block act as notifications. So for example if a competency is set to Waiting for review it will appear here in this block (for the correct users depending on how this has been set up).

If a competency is rated from this block then the notification will be removed from here and the appropriate status/rating will be applied (to the learning plan, not reflected back in a course). However if a competency is rated from a course (e.g. from the Competency Breakdown report), this will not affect the notification sent to the Learning Plans block. If using the Learning Plans block it is advisable to advise tutors/tutors to use this method for rating competencies otherwise this can cause confusion or duplicate effort reviewing competencies. In order to remove a notification from this block the review status must be changed from Waiting for review.