Understanding & Implementing Competencies

8. Linking Competencies to a Course

Once a competency framework exists you will most likely want to link your competencies to a specific course. You’ll then be able to link these competencies to specific activities to further help your tutors understand which assignments relate to which key skills/learning objectives (competencies).

To do this, navigate into the course you wish to link competencies to and access the Competencies area. This may differ depending on the theme used. If utilising bootstrap 4 then you can expand the left hand navigation drawer by clicking the burger menu at the top left of the platform followed by clicking the Competencies option.

This will take you through to the Competencies area where you can begin adding competencies.

By clicking the cog icon (see screenshot) you can determine the action taken when competencies are rated within your course. It is highly advisable to select Rating a competency also updates the competency in all of the learning plans.

This means that when a tutor rates a competency within this course, if applicable it will also be fed back into the user’s learning plan.

In order to begin adding competencies click the Add competencies to course button. This will reveal a competency picker window. Firstly, select the framework from the dropdown list.

You can then either select individual competencies or hold Ctrl (Apple:Command) on your keyboard to select multiple competencies. Alternatively if you want to select every competency in a framework, click the arrows to the left of the parent competencies to reveal all of the child competencies within. Hold shift on your keyboard then select the top and the bottom competency on the list. This will select all of the competencies in between.

Clicking the blue Add button will add your selection to the course and take you back to the list of linked competencies.

When you have competencies linked to a course you will see a list of these in the central area of the page. Towards the top there will be a list of the top 3 competencies that are most often not proficient in this course.

Below this are the competencies that have been linked to this course. You may wish to re-order these by using the drag icon at the top left of each competency to move them up or down in the list. Each competency listed will display the name of the competency, when this is clicked it will take you to a screen where you can begin rating competencies against learners in this course.

Upon course completion is only relevant if your users will be completing courses and activity completion is turned on. Using the dropdown you can select an action for each competency when a course is finished. You may wish this to be left on “Do nothing” or potentially even “Complete the competency” however the latter does mean that there is no certainty tutors will actually be checking the quality of a learners work if auto completion is on.

If any competencies have been linked to specific activities these will be listed below the relevant competency.

If you wish to unlink a competency from a course you can do so by clicking the bin icon at the top right of each competency.