Understanding & Implementing Competencies

9. Linking Course Competencies to Activities

Once you have linked competencies to a course, you then have the option to link competencies to specific activities.

Within your course you must first add an activity, for example an assignment. When you are viewing the settings for an activity there will be section titled Competencies. In this area is a search box. You can click in this box to reveal a selection of competencies linked to this course, or begin typing in a competency name. Selecting a competency will add it to the selection area above in blue. You can continue adding competencies to an activity.

Upon activity completion allows you to choose an action when this activity has been completed by the learner. If you are going to the effort of linking competencies to activities then you will want to select Attach evidence. This means that, providing the previous steps have been followed, a text record will be added to the competency stating that the linked assignment has been completed.

Once you are happy with the competencies added to the activity click either of the blue Save buttons.