Understanding & Implementing Competencies

10. Rating Competencies

10.1. Rating from a course - Competency Breakdown Report

The main way a tutor can rate a user against a set of competencies is from within a course itself.

When in the desired course the tutor can access the Competency Breakdown report. This is under the Reports section of a course.

This will provide you with a list of a competencies linked to this course and a method in which you can search for or cycle through your users in order to provide ratings for them.

In order to rate a competency click the current rating in the rating column to take you to the following screen.

On this screen is some basic information about the competency itself alongside:

  • Activities - Lists which activities in this course have been linked to this competency.
  • User - Displays the currently selected learner.
  • Proficient - Displays Yes or No depending on if the current rating is proficient based on the assigned scale.
  • Rating - Allows you to rate the competency.
  • Evidence - Displays evidence as text, stating when and by whom this competency was rated.

By clicking the Rate button you will be able to choose a rating from the dropdown menu and enter any notices you wish alongside this rating.

By clicking Rate you will be returned back to the rating and review area.

As seen in the above screenshot the rating has been set to Met and the proficient status is now Yes. Alongside this is the evidence notification displaying the date, time, user and description of the update made to this competency.