Understanding & Implementing Competencies

11. Completing a Learning Plan

It is possible for tutors to mark entire learning plans as complete. This will help keep track of how many users are currently working towards completing a given learning plan.

At the end of the course duration, a tutor should begin to review which users have completed the course & accompanying learning plans. An user’s learning plan is accessed from their user profile.

When inside a course you can access a user’s profile in a multitude of places by clicking their profile photo (and sometimes simply their name). Three popular examples of doing this include viewing either the participants list, grader report or competency breakdown report and by clicking the users profile photo.

When viewing a users profile, under the Miscellaneous section is a Learning plans button.

Here you will be shown all learning plans linked to this user. Beside each learning plan is an Edit button that when clicked will reveal additional options.

In order to mark a learning plan as complete click Edit then the Complete this learning plan option. Alternatively click the learning plan name from the list, and then the Complete this learning plan button.

An administrator can access site admin > competencies > learning plan templates, select a learning plan then select a user and complete their learning plan here instead. It is the same action done as previously described just with a different user journey.