Understanding & Implementing Competencies

12. Reports

12.1. Course Competency Breakdown

Within core Moodle tutors have the ability to access a course and view the Competency Breakdown report. This is under the Reports section of a course.

This will provide you with a list of a competencies linked to this course and a method in which you can search for or cycle through your users in order to provide ratings for them.

In order to rate a competency click the current rating in the rating column to take you to the following screen with additional information.

On this screen is some basic information about the competency itself alongside:

  • Activities - Lists which activities in this course have been linked to this competency
  • User - Displays the currently selected learner
  • Proficient - Displays Yes or No depending on if the current rating is proficient based on the assigned scale.
  • Rating - Allows you to rate the competency.
  • Evidence - Displays evidence as text, stating when and by whom this competency was rated.

Customising Scale Colours

Before looking at additional third party plug reports for learning plans, it’s important to look at an additional option that is part of the plugin. To fully benefit from the reports, a colour can be associated to each value of the scale. To set the scale colours:

  • Navigate to Site administration > Competencies > Competencies scale colors
  • Choose a competency framework
  • Choose a scale from framework competency
  • Set the colours values using the ColorPicker
  • Save the changes