Understanding & Implementing Competencies

12. Reports

12.2. Monitor Learning Plans

This third party plugin allows for reports to be run on learning plans and associated users in order to provide in depth analysis of users competency progress within a plan. This report can be accessed through a user's profile or by accessing Site admin > Reports > Monitor learning plans.

Filter by learning plan template

There are numerous filtering options available. From a learning plan template, you can filter learning plans.

  • Select a template
  • From "Users from this template", select a user from the dropdown menu.
  • Click on Apply

You will see the learning plan of the learner selected, and you can navigate between learning plans based on that template. If there is no learner selected, the first learner from the template will be displayed.

By clicking on "show more...", you can have more options to filter learning plans by scale values.

There are two options for using the scale values filter:

  • Filtering learning plans by scale values from competencies rated at course level
  • Filtering learning plans by scale values from competencies rated in the plan (Final rating)

When filtering by scale values, the number of ratings in the learner list will be displayed to the right of their name.

Filter by user

You can choose a particular learner by typing their name in the user picker field in order to retrieve their learning plans.