Understanding & Implementing Competencies

12. Reports

12.3. Learning Plan Details

After entering your search criteria click on Apply to view available results. The details of the learning plan are divided into three blocks:

1. User Navigation

This section contains the following information.

  • The learning plan name > links to the learning plan page for this user.
  • The user full name and a profile picture > links to the user profile page.
  • The navigation between users that belong to the selected template.

2. Learning plan competencies informations

This section displays the following information.

  • The status of the learning plan (e.g.Active or Complete).
  • The number of competencies that are rated proficient out of the total number of competencies associated with the plan.
  • The number of competencies that are rated not proficient.
  • The number of competencies that have not yet been rated.

3. List competencies details

Just above these 3 sections is the header/name of the competency. When clicked this will take you to the review screen for this competency for the selected user. This part below has three sections itself.

a) Total number of ratings

Here is a display of the total number of ratings against the number of courses where this competency is linked. Clicking on the number will present a popup containing the list of courses linked to the competency and if the course was rated or not.

Also, this block can display the evidence of prior learning. You can have more details on the list of evidence by clicking on this number to reveal links, notes and attached files. This will only display if evidence of prior learning is present.

b) Rating

This section displays the number of rated courses by scale value. Clicking on this number triggers a popup that displays the course name, comments left by the tutor and the final course grade.

c) Final rating

This section gives details about the final rating (rating in learning plan):

  • If the competency is proficient, not proficient or not rated
  • The rated scale value (if rated)
  • A button to rate the competency if the user has the permission.