Understanding & Implementing Competencies

12. Reports

12.4. Learning Plan Statistics

This report provides statistics for learning plans. It groups statistics by competency for a given template. For each competency it displays the total users who have learning plans and number of users by scale value. To get to this area, navigate to Site Admin > Reports > Statistics for learning plans.

After having selected a Learning plan template you have the option to choose to show only the ratings in the course or the final ratings given. If choosing Final rating you have an additional option to view lists of users against each scale rating. Clicking a competency header will display the full name and description of the competency in a popup window.

  • Total users

Clicking on the Total users number triggers a popup with the list of all the users related to this competency. It shows if each user has been rated.

  • Number of users by scale value

Clicking on the number of users rated with a given scale value for each competency will reveal a popup window listing the users with that selected scale rating.