Understanding & Implementing Competencies

13. Learner Views

13.2. Learning Plans

Learners who have been linked to learning plans can access these via their user profile. Any linked plans will be listed alongside their status (e.g. active or complete).

Clicking into the plan displays how many competencies that user is proficient in. It also lists every competency with the current rating, whether they are proficient and the status of the competency. Using the Edit button in the Actions column learners can request a review of a competency (which updates the status). If using the Learning Plans block for tutors, this request for review will be listed in their block.

By clicking on the name of a competency the learner will be able to view more detailed information. This includes the review status of the competency, the proficient status, rating, comments left by this user or a tutor and also the evidence for each status change for this competency.