Editing the Slideshow Banner

Homepage Slideshow Banner

The slideshow banner is a selection of images that cycle through alongside their image descriptions. This can be edited and the images and descriptions can be altered based on your requirements.

An example of this can be found below.

Editing the Homepage Slideshow Banner

In order to change to images and descriptions in the slideshow banner, firstly login to the platform as an administrator then navigate to Site Administration. On your platform this area will vary depending on the theme you are using. This may be found on the top navigation bar on the right hand side or in the Administration block on your home page.

Once you click “Site Administration” you will then be presented with the following settings (although the appearance of these will vary). Click on the “Appearance” tab which in this screenshot example is on the far right hand side.

Once you’re looking at the Appearance settings, scroll down to where you see “Themes” then click on the “Titus” link beside this. When viewing the Titus settings click on ”Slideshow” on the far right hand side.

When viewing the slideshow settings you can see each slide has its own editable details as you scroll downwards. An example screenshot can be found below.

Here you are able to enter the slide title, slide description and below this the slide image. In order to update the slide image you can drag and drop a new image into the Image area. You can then remove the existing image by single left clicking to select it then by clicking the delete button.

Once you are happy with your changes simply scroll to the bottom of the slide list and click the “Save Changes” button to update your slideshow. These changes will then be reflected on your slideshow banner.

Last modified: Tuesday, 12 June 2018, 8:38 AM