Totara Theme Release V1.0.0 ‘Zeus’ ⚡

Totara TXP

Released on Q3 2024

Forming the new Olympian theme, Version 1.0.0 ‘Zeus’ introduces an array of options and styling choices across Totara; with additional focus on the site home page, by introducing a new feature banner and marketing tiles.

A sitewide footer and many new branding options offer a cohesive and customisable user experience, all multi-tenancy supported.


Supported on version(s):

  • Totara 18.X

A note from Edd Clementson, Product lead at Titus

“This initial release has a focus on overall enhancements to the Totara interface. The site home introduces a variety of new features and changes including a feature banner, marketing tiles and enhancements to the Features links block. Many improvements have been made to secondary/tertiary navigations & the Totara catalogue, all of which improve the user experience and help learners get to where they’re going, faster.

The Olympian theme offers a wide array do new customisation options supported by multi tenancy.  Branding on a per tenant basis can include personalised imagery, fonts, colours and more.

We value the importance of an aesthetically pleasing learning platform and would love your feedback on this first Olympian release.”

With thanks to the team who worked on this release:

Edd Clementson, Product Lead

Vagelis Simitis, Developer (Release Lead)

Kristian Burgess, Graphic Designer

New Features

Site home - Feature banner

Introducing a new feature banner on the site home page. It allows for large amount of customisation including banner image, banner background colour; and a host of extra height and text based options.

Site home - Marketing tiles

Accompanying the feature banner are new marketing tiles. These are visually engaging, clickable elements designed to promote specific content, products, or offers to users. Customise the tile image, title, description & link text.


Upload your own heading and body font or link to Google fonts in order to personalise the platform to meet your brand.

Sitewide footer

A new sitewide footer is available. Introducing a range of options including a logo upload, column headers, custom links and a footnote area.

Improved navigation

Alongside changes to both the secondary and tertiary Totara navigation, we have introduced an array of top navigation bar options, including height, colour & more.

Library enhancements

Styling improvements have been made to the learning catalogue to enhance the self serving user experience. Numerous small aesthetic tweaks ensure clarity and easy navigation in one of the key areas of the platform.

Featured links block

The featured links block has been enhanced to provide a more modern portrait view for primary use on the site home page.

Workspace enhancements

Workspace aesthetics have been improved overall, with a focus on small adjustments to the find workspaces page.

Theme settings

We have introduced a wide variety of new settings and options as part of the Titus Totara theme offering.

Settings have been categorised and placed into the relevant areas. All settings introduced into v1.0 of the theme can be found below.

  • General
    • Favicon upload
    • Border radius
    • Card border radius
  • Fonts
    • Heading font upload
    • Body font upload
    • Web font links
      • Font link URL
      • Heading font
      • Heading font weight
      • Body font
  • Sitewide
    • ‘Back to top’ navigation
    • Navigation bar
      • Navbar height
      • Logo
      • Logo spacing
      • Navbar background colour
      • Navbar text colour
      • Navbar active text colour
    • Key brand colours
      • Brand colour
      • Brand secondary colour
      • Body text colour
      • Heading text colour
      • Links text colour
    • Button colours
      • Primary button background colour
      • Primary button text colour
  • Site footer
    • Footer background colour
    • Footer heading colour
    • Footer body colour
    • Footer image upload
    • Footer columns (4)
      • Column header
      • Link text / URL / target (up to 5)
    • Footnote content
  • Login page
    • Login page background image
    • Login logo
  • Feature banner
    • Feature banner height
    • Feature banner title
    • Feature banner title font size
    • Feature banner description
    • Feature banner background colour
    • Feature banner image
    • Button link text
    • Button link URL
    • Button link target
  • Marketing tiles
    • Button link text case
    • Marketing heading section title
    • Marketing heading section content
    • Marketing tiles (up to 9)
      • Tile title
      • Marketing tile description
      • Marketing tile image
      • Link text
      • Link URL
      • Link target

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