3 Powerful Lessons From How Google Approaches L&D

Google’s workplace culture is a hotly discussed topic. They’ve achieved heights that few businesses can dream of.

L&D is ingrained in the fabric of the company’s culture. They champion a method they call Googler to Googler, which turns their extraordinarily talented team members into effective peer tutors.

In this ebook, we unpack three powerful lessons from how they approach L&D. To gain access to it, fill out our contact form and we’ll email it across.
Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook are a few of the most recognisable names on the planet. And whilst it’s hard to argue that their products are anything less than innovative, it’s easy to take their success for granted.

There’s no shortage of challengers, who step up to the task of knocking them off the top – equipped with colossal budgets and increasingly innovative products.

So, how have they managed to maintain this coveted status for so long?

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