eLearning Content Development – How to do it well

In this eBook, we’ll explore some of the fundamentals of eLearning content development in an attempt to make your future learning and development plans more effective.

Any organisation with experience in learning and development will tell you that perhaps the most challenging aspect of creating a successful LMS is populating it with relevant, engaging and useful content.

Striking the right balance between meeting your business objectives and keeping your content suitably engaging is no easy task. In fact, the wrong approach will mean you’re in danger of wasting your learner’s time, not to mention a big chunk of your training budget.
1. What is eLearning Content Development?
2. Why you should care about creating great course content
3. Consistency among your team members
4. Compliance training
5. Challenges of content development that you should watch out for
6. What alternatives are there to bespoke eLearning content development?

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