What is induction training? (And how to do it well)

In this eBook, we’re taking a look at the importance of an induction process in the modern workplace along with some helpful pointers that you might not have considered.

Regularly cited as one of the most stressful life events a person will experience, starting a new job can be an overwhelming time. The experience a new starter has on those first few days with your company is a lot more important than you may give it credit for.

It’s an opportunity to set the tone, impart company values and iron out any teething problems that a team member adapting to a new organisation brings. Don’t forget that your new starter has come from an entirely different company, with an entirely different set of values, standards or in many cases in a completely different industry.
1. Introduction to your company’s history
2. Outlining of procedures and policies (dress codes, working hours, expenses)
3. Role specific details (eg customer service standard procedures)
4. Introduction to the company structure
5. Company objectives and plans
6. Industry specific learning
7. Future training and development opportunities
8. Company culture and values
9. Upcoming social events
10. Travel expectations

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