Theme Release V1.0.0 ‘Thor’



Released on Q2 2022

Building on top of the upgraded foundations in Moodle 4.0, Version 1.0.0 ‘Thor’ introduces an array of options and styling choices for 4 key areas of the Moodle LMS 4 platform, the ‘Site home’, Dashboard, ‘My courses’ & the course homepage.

Titus recommend using the Softcourse or Designer course formats, followed by Tiles format, for use with the Titus theme.

Supported on version(s):

  • Moodle LMS & Workplace 4.1

A note from Edd Clementson, Product lead at Titus

“This initial release focusses on some of the fundamental areas within the Moodle interface that we and our clients felt needed modernising. Many improvements were made in Moodle 4.0 to improve the user experience and interface and we’ve worked hard to enhance these further.

Our initial aim was to focus on the most heavily used areas of the platform, alongside introducing an array of customisation options across these areas, to ensure each platform can be branding easily by administrators.

We value the importance of an aesthetically pleasing learning platform and would love your feedback on this first release.”

With thanks to the team who worked on this release:

Edd Clementson, Product Lead

Connor Young, Developer (Release Lead)

Kristian Burgess, Graphic Designer

Steve Anotai, Developer

New Features

Site home page

The updated ‘Site home’ page, formerly ‘Frontpage’, now includes a slideshow, shortcuts, marketing tiles, and announcements, along with easy access to available and enrolled courses. 

My courses page

Moodle LMS 4.0 introduces the ‘My courses’ page, enhanced by the Titus theme with improved tile design, course progress features, and user-friendly options like starring and archiving. It also optimises mobile viewing and responsiveness.


In Moodle LMS 4.0, the Titus theme introduces enhancements to key blocks like Timeline, Calendar, Upcoming events, and Latest badges, including improved collapsible block draw integration. 

Course homepage

Leverage the Titus theme and the ‘Softcourse’ format plugin to optimise course navigation, enhancing the user experience by streamlining progress tracking, image display, and activity counts. 


The Titus theme builds upon Moodle 4.0’s improvements, enhancing navigation, colour options, and interface elements like notifications and course index for better device responsiveness.


The Titus theme offers customisable colors, fonts, and icons, along with an import/export feature, enabling easy platform configuration.

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