Theme Release V1.1 ‘ Odin’



Release in Q2 2023

We’re proud to announce the forging of a new release for our Moodle theme plugin. Like the wise one-eyed Odin and his affinity to magic, this crafted release covers a broad range of improvements across the platform .

Building on top of the upgraded foundations in Moodle 4.0, Version 1.1 ‘Odin’ introduces a new option login page variant, a new calendar drawer, improved calendar/event page aesthetics, a new improved ‘ learning category’ page, the ability to have a ‘dark theme’ by changing key background colours and more.

Supported on version(s):

  • Moodle LMS & Workplace 4.1

A note from Edd Clementson, Product lead at Titus

“This second release focusses on the course category area that needed some love and care put into it. Improving the ‘self service’ mechanism through Moodle will provide a clearer user experience for users.

Alongside this, we have introduced a new calendar drawer, that shows the calendar block and upcoming events, that can be expanded and collapsed no matter where you are in the platform. We have also introduced a new login page variant that admins can choose to use, along with making a host of changes to allow for darker based themes (dark background colours etc).

We value the importance of an aesthetically pleasing learning platform and would love your feedback on this release.”

With thanks to the team who worked tirelessly on this release:

Edd Clementson, Product Lead

Connor Young, Developer (Release Lead)

Kristian Burgess, Graphic Designer

New Features

A new login page layout

Version 1.1 offers administrators a fresh login page option, featuring a modern split-screen design with an image on the left and login fields on the right, enhancing the user’s first interaction with the platform.

Site home columns

The Site home page offers block placement in a central 1-column or 3-column region, supporting third-party plugins like IntelliCart, such as the public catalogue.

Course library enhancements

The improved ‘course catalogue’ showcases courses with tile-based layouts, offering vital information like titles, descriptions, contacts, and tags, with added value through enabling ‘Course contacts’ and effective tagging.

Starred courses

Starred courses will appear at the top of Moodle’s ‘My courses’ list, accessible via filters for focused viewing.

Course navigation

Course navigation within courses is upgraded with a ‘Course home’ button and ‘expand/collapse all’ button for swift access to the homepage and efficient topic/resource navigation

Calendar drawer

The update refines the month and upcoming events pages, while introducing the ‘Calendar drawer’ feature accessible from the top navigation bar, offering a non-editable right-hand drawer with the calendar and upcoming events blocks. 

Navigation & other new features

Navigation improvements are coupled with a new setting to hide the ‘Home’ link on the top bar, beneficial for organisations with separate public home pages for authenticated users.

This release emphasises branding with new colour options, including gradients for progress bars, and offers more customisation for the Moodle 4 footer, including font awesome icons.

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