Theme Release V1.2 ‘ Loki’



Release in Q2 2023

Like Loki, an expert shapeshifter, this release expands its supportability to include support for the Moodle Workplace platform.

Large amounts of architectural work has taken place to cater for Workplace multi-tenancy support, provide a huge array of tenant customisation branding options.

The Moodle Workplace 4.0+ ‘My teams’ block and ‘My Courses’ pages have undergone extensive improvements to provide more aesthetically pleasing Workplace platforms to these fundamental areas.

Supported on version(s):

  • Moodle LMS & Workplace 4.1

A note from Edd Clementson, Product lead at Titus

“The Loki release focusses largely on adding the compatibility & support with the Moodle Workplace product. There is a huge array of personalisation we have introduced to each tenant; allowing organisations to truly customise each tenant. 

Two other key areas of Moodle Workplace are the My courses page and the Team overview page. Both have been improved visually through this release to make using these areas easier.

There are still improvements added that affect both Moodle LMS and Workplace, including the re-introduction of the ‘combo list’ on the root category page, and the ability to choose the location of the language selector for users.

As always, we greatly encourage you to provide feedback and submit requests/votes via our portal page, for what you’d like to see next.”

With thanks to the team who worked on this release:

Edd Clementson, Product Lead

Connor Young, Developer

Vitaly Potenko, Developer

Steve, Lead Developer (Release Lead)

Kristian Burgess, Graphic Designer

New Features

Moodle Workplace compatibility

This release introduces support for both Moodle LMS and Workplace customers, enhancing multi-tenancy branding with distinct site content and settings for each tenant.

"My course" page updated for Workplace

The Moodle Workplace My courses page has been revamped, featuring separated programs and courses with larger tiles. ‘Overdue’ flags and dynamic circular progress bars have been added, customisable with a new colour setting.

Introduction of the combo list

Reintroduced the ‘combo list’ on the root library page, allowing users to expand/collapse categories in one place. Also, a ‘show more’ link streamlines top-level category display.

Improvements to the team page

The upgraded Workplace-only block displays team members and their progress, offering clearer identification of users with assigned jobs, progress levels, and overdue learning.

New 'top-alert' header

We have introduced the first stages of a sitewide visible header that sits about the top navigation bar. For now, it has been introduced into a new ‘Experimental settings’ area. You are able to define the height, background colour, upload an image and choose the location (left/centre/right) of the image.

Language selector location option

A new setting allows administrators to introduce the language selector in the top navigation bar (default is under the user menu dropdown).

Navigation & other features

Admins can relocate the language selector to the top navigation bar, use colour gradients, and enable/disable the calendar drawer. An experimental sitewide header offers customisation for branding and communication.

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