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How to enable & configure the site home Shortcuts

Creation Date: September 11, 2023

Created By: Edd Clementson

What are site home Shortcuts? #

Shortcuts are part of the Titus theme, that when enabled are displayed on the site home page as the second available feature (typically sitting under the feature banner / slideshow). These can be enabled without the use of the feature banner / slideshow if desired. There are a number of settings you can change for these shortcuts and can choose up to 6 to be displayed (we recommend using 3 or 6).

How to enable & configure Shortcuts #

1. Click on the site admin menu toggle on the top navigation bar

Click on site admin menu toggle

2. Click on Theme settings

Click on Theme settings

3. Click on – Shortcuts

Click on -  Shortcuts

4. Check Enable shortcuts

Please note, you are able to set the overall shortcut background colour and shortcut text colour below this option.

Check Enable shortcuts

5. Click on Shortcut 1 (to expand additional options per shortcut)

Each shortcut (up to 6) can be expanded and have unique shortcut settings configured.

Click on Shortcut 1

6. Enter your desired Shortcut title

Click on Shortcut title

7. Enter the font awesome code shortcut to update the Shortcut icon

To view available icons click here to access Fontawesome. Each icon will have a set code, for instance ‘fa-info’ or ‘fa-calendar’.

Click on Shortcut icon

8. Enter your desired Shortcut Description

Click on Shortcut Description

9. Enter the desired URL/shortcut link

When users click the shortcut, they will be taken to the URL/link entered here for each shortcut.

Click on Shortcut link

10. Choose your Link target from the dropdown

Choosing the link target will allow you to choose what happens when a user clicks on a shortcut. for instance does the shortcut link open in the current page or open in a new tab/window. If you are linking users away from the platform it is probably best advised to choose the option ‘New page’.

Click on Current page from Link target

11. Click on the ‘Save changes’ button

Click on submitbutton

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Updated on 14 September 2023